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Channel Manager

Synchronize rates

Using SyncBeds you can easily synchronize your prices with every booking portal. All you need to do is define the base price and minimum stay on your account.

We will synchronize your calendars and prices on booking portals, with 100% success and no double bookings
Channel Manager


A calendar that synchronizes blocked and already booked dates on booking portals. It automatically updates availability calendars on all connected booking portals, saving you a lot of time.

In addition, you have an overview of all your reservations in one place, so you can't overlook any of them.
Channel Manager

Push content

Not all booking portals are created equal, some are more in tune with their clients' needs than others.

You can do a complete content synchronization from SyncBeds to choose from several highly developed booking portals that best suit your needs.
Channel Manager
Link your existing entries or create new ones. Sync rates, availability and content in milliseconds. Full synchronization of content from SyncBeds to select several highly developed booking portals that best suit your needs.
Revenue management
Analyze and increase your income. Adjust your prices and discounts quickly or even automatically. A real-time reporting system with high-level metrics about your business.
Direct booking website
A website with a booking engine - in just a few minutes you can become the owner of a website and make direct reservations on it. Avoid commissions and increase your income by using your own booking system.
Guest portal
Continue to offer your services to your guests even after the initial booking period.
Online marketing
Schedule campaigns and advertise your vacation rentals on social media platforms.

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In the fast-growing tourism sector, numerous new technological innovations make it easier to manage apartments for private renters every day. That is why the relevant technological partners have gathered in one place to present the latest technologies from the world of tourism. 24.2. as part of the Promohotel fair, we invite you to the conference […]

How to choose the best channel manager for your business

Odabir pravog upravitelja kanala važan je korak u razvoju uspješnog poslovanja s iznajmljivanjem smještaja.

Channel manager benefits for private accommodation renters

Upravitelji kanala su jednako važni i za privatne iznajmljivače smještaja.
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How to choose the best channel manager for your business
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